About the Purcellville Historical Society


The Purcellville Historical Society Mission


To value and preserve Purcellville’s unique historic character through education, community events and advocacy initiatives.


Organization History


The Purcellville Historical Society, originally the Purcellville Preservation Association (PPA), was founded in 1985 with two goals: to restore the WO&D Purcellville Train Station and the Mahlon-Taylor Springhouse. Restoration of both projects occured by 2004. The Town of Purcellville now owns and manages the Station for community use as a meeting space, an art gallery, and a respite at the end of the WO&D trail. The Spring House beautifies a walking section along Main Street on the east side of town.

The PPA has continued its mission beyond it’s initial goals by identifying places in town of historic significance or architectural note. Many of the Association’s markers can be found on homes along Main Street as well as public spaces such as the Emancipation Grounds on A Street. The PPA also worked closely with the town on a Historical Buildings Survey, as well as with the Carver Center Committee in their efforts to preserve Purcellville’s first African American school, Carver School.

For several years the PPA also hosted an annual “Heritage Day in May”: a community-wide celebration held downtown during National Preservation Month. 2012 was a banner year when the PPA honored the Greatest Generation through displays, dress and music.

Today the Society maintains it’s 501c-3 non-profit status and continues its preservation efforts through research and community programs designed to connect Purcellville-ians to their rich social and built history.